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Christmas is the biggest festival of Christians. The people of the Christian community celebrate this festival with much pomp and gaiety. (Christmas day images 2019 free download, merry Christmas images download)This festival is celebrated every year on 25 December. It was on this day that the Lord Jesus Christ or Jesus Christ was born.

Jesus Christ was a great man and taught society love and humanity. He gave a message to the people of the world to live with love and brotherhood. He is considered the only loving son of God. (Images of Christmas tree, Christmas day celebration images, merry Christmas hd wallpaper).The rulers of that time did not like the message of Jesus. They killed Jesus by hanging him on the cross. It is believed that Jesus was resurrected.

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On Christmas, Christians decorate their houses well. Christmas preparations begin already. The leave lasts for about a week. Brightness of markets increases. The houses and markets are illuminated with colorful lights. Everyone enjoys this festival with more passionate enthusiastic. (Merry Christmas images download 2019 best wishes and merry Christmas card)

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The church holds special prayers. People visit their relatives and friends at their home. All give each other gifts. On this day a Christmas tree is planted in the courtyard. Its special decoration is done. Cake has special significance in this festival. The custom of cutting and feeding sweet, Manmohan cakes is very old. People feed each other cake and greet the festival. Taking the form of Santa Claus, the person distributes toffees, gifts etc. to the children. It is said that Santa Claus comes from heaven and gives people the things they want as gifts. (Happy Christmas day celebration images, Christmas 2019, Christmas day HD wallpaper, images of Christmas day parade).

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  • People of the Christian community celebrate the Christmas festival on 25 December every year.
  •  The Christmas festival is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ.
  •  Christmas is the largest and happiest festival of the Christian community, hence it is also called the big day. (Happy new year images free download, merry Christmas images png, merry Christmas images hd)
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  •  15 days before Christmas, the people of Christ's society start preparing for it.
  •  Homes are cleaned, new clothes are bought, a variety of dishes are made.
  •  Churches are specially decorated for this day. A few days before Christmas, various programs are started in the church which continue till New Year.
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  •  These programs portray the birth story of the Lord Jesus Christ as a play. Antakshari of Christ songs are played, different types of games are played, prayers are performed etc.
  •  In many places processions are taken out by the Christian community on Christmas day. In which tableaux of the Lord Jesus Christ are presented.
  •  In many places, on the night before Christmas, there is a nightly prayer meeting in the churches which lasts till 12 o'clock in the night.(Merry Christmas song, Christmas day essay,  merry Christmas free wallpaper, images of merry Christmas card and celebration)
  •  At exactly 12 o'clock people offer Christmas greetings to their loved ones and celebrate. There is a special prayer meeting in the churches on Christmas morning.
  •  The special Christmas dish is the cake, the cake is incomplete without Christmas. On this day, people decorate the Christmas tree in churches and their homes.
  •  SantaClaus gives chocolates and gifts to children. On this day people of other religions also pray by lighting candles in the church. Christmas day 2019 images free download,  images of Christmas day hd , merry Christmas images hd, Christmas tree HD images,  Christmas tree decoration,  merry Christmas drawing images 

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  • "What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, and hope for the future."_ Merry Christmas 2019 celebration images 

  • "The best way to spread Christmas cheer in singing loud for all to hear."_ Merry Christmas picture 

  • "Christmas is a season not only the rejoicing but of reflection."_ Happy Christmas 2019 wallpaper 

  • "Christmas is not as much about opening our present as opening our hearts."_ Merry Christmas 2019 gifts 

  • "Christmas isn't season. It is a feeling."_ Greetings of merry Christmas 2019 with images 

  • "May the simple joys of Christmas warm your heart fill your home and last a lifetime."_Merry Christmas 2019

  • "Let us have music for Christmas...        sound the trumpet of joy and rebirth;             Let Each Other of us try,                             with a song in our hearts                                To bring peace to man on earth."_ Merry Christmas 2019 Quotes 

  • "May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill and me the year ahead be full of contentment and joy."_ Wish you a merry Christmas 2019